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Watch State Hospital

Speaking of State Hospital have a look at the video for the song, which was directed by the talented chaps at Handheld Cine Club. It’s a stark affair at points, but we reckon it fits the song really beautifully.   Scott
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Fr in Oz… Laneways Festival

We’ve just returned from a triumphant trip to Oz which consisted of Bundaberg(Ginger beer and Rum), meeting ex-Home and Away stars, Shorts of Glory, sunburn and I’m sure there’s something else…Oh yeah some gigs!!! If sweaty Scotsmen is what you’re into then here is a video just for you of...
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A message for anyone who succeeded or failed to get in to the Cab Vol gig last night…

Hello. Following last night’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing turn of events in (and outside of) Cabaret Voltaire Edinburgh, we thought it was only right that we explain fully what actually went wrong.  First of all we want to say we loved playing the show, and would like to thank everyone...
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The beard in question…

Check out an interview I did at build-a-beard.com www.build-a-beard.com/bab/2010/9/10/scott-hutchison-keeps-his-face-warm.html It has pretty much nothing to do with music, and a lot to do with beards! Cheers! Scott x
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Music Like A Vitamin

Good evening! Just nipping on to the website (perhaps I do this somewhat rarely, but will try to be a mo’ better blogger) to talk a little bit about a wonderful wee project I have been involved in since the start of this year. In February, I was lucky enough...
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