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Owl John comes to life.

It is nearly done. The ‘solo’ album that isn’t really a solo album. Songs that were never meant to be written. Two places that were never supposed to meet. ‘Owl John’ is the name of the project and it began in mid-February on the Isle of Mull in Scotland. The...
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Introducing Owl John

Hear the bugle call! Get the hell out of your bed and have a look and a listen to this. Something’s been brewing in a faction of the FR camp. An entire new album of songs, but not Frightened Rabbit songs. These are John’s songs. Owl John is the side...
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2014 Festival Dates

Make sure you see Frightened Rabbit play a festival this Summer. We will update the list below as further performances are announced. 10/07 to 12/07 – Withington, Cheltenham – 2000trees – Tickets11/07 to 11/07 – Kent – LeeFest – Tickets 13/07 – Wales – Wakestock – Tickets 01/08 – 03/08...
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Thank you! & tour photo gallery

Hey Well that was a ridiculously good tour wasn’t it? We want to say a huge Thank You to anyone in Singapore, New Zealand and Australia who took the time and spent the money to come and see us play. Whether it was at Laneways or one of our sideshows...
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Exclusive North American tour poster (SOLD OUT)

Hello, Not filled that space on the wall above your fireplace yet? Need something to put in front of that not so hidden safe full of McFly cds and puppy in my pockets? Maybe you haven’t found the right picture to hang above your toilet yet?  Well you no longer...
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Heard of Owl John?

Scott teamed up with a few Frightened Rabbit insiders to record his debut solo album Owl John. CLICK HERE to find out more.